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Kung Fu develops your power and focus, both internal and external. You get a complete work out, learn to move strongly and effectively, develop excellent posture and realistic self defense skills. Your skill expands; you feel vitalized and free.

Kung Fu Class

Why Kung Fu?

Kung Fu is exercise and training in one. It is a beautiful and fascinating way to fulfill your body's need to move while giving your mind exercise too. Further, as you develop posture, breathing and focus, your spirit body develops, your emotions become smooth, relaxation joins strength, endorphins fill you with joy.

Both muscular and aerobic, Kung Fu is a complete exercise, using all parts of your body, moving in nearly every direction. In Kung Fu you are low or high, turning, leaping; striking forward and reverse, near and far, high and low, with a variety of "fists", hand positions, blocking inside, outside, high, low; kicking front, side and back, roundhouse and spinning.

What We Offer You

So that you can feel the benefits of Kung Fu for yourself, we offer you a FREE Kung Fu class.

Master Carolyn Campora has been practicing Kung Fu for over 40 years. She will personally guide you through every step as you begin your free Kung Fu class. In all of your Nabi Su Kung Fu classes you will receive expert instruction, allowing you to experience depth and power immediately. You will be taught so that you will start reaping the benefits of Kung Fu from your very first class.

Nabi Su Kung Fu classes consist of workouts with basic and advanced punches, kick and blocks, as well as individualized forms instruction plus two-person exercises. Everyone is taught at their own level and proceeds at their own pace.

Classes are held in our New York City Canal Street studio, conveniently located on the border of Soho and Tribeca, close to Wall Street, Chinatown, Little Italy and Greenwich Village.

Who are Nabi Su Students?

Nabi Su students are group of Kung Fu practitioners who love what we do. We all started as beginners! Our group includes people of all ages, from many professions, including painters, musicians, writers, and educators, who come to our studio to have a centering, calming, yet exciting exercise practice.

Visit our Nabi Su Community page and our Nabi Su Facebook page to find out more. You will be welcomed!

Our Empowering Gift to You: You are invited to try a FREE Kung Fu class!

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